Meet the Directors


Petra Buttner

Kerry Kelly

Reinhold (Ray) Muller

Rick Speare


The four directors of THS bring extensive experience in health research and in building academic capacity in health professionals. Combined they have over 90 years of research experience, over 550 peer reviewed publications, and have been awarded over $25 million in funding. (How’s that for misuse of statistics!)

Each director brings a complimentary set of skills: Ray and Petra both have quantitative methodological skills at an international level, but Ray tends to specialise in high level statistical analysis and Petra in epidemiology. Rick is a research generalist in human and animal health in the tropics. He successfully combines veterinary and human health fields. Ray, Petra and Rick have extensive experience and skills in research capacity building for individuals and groups. Kerry brings excellent practical clinical skills and experience in developing countries, expeditionary medicine and aeromedical retrieval.