Review of HIV and women in PNG

Sunday, 9 June, 2013

A review just published in BMC Public Health investigates understandings about women and HIV in Papua New Guinea (PNG)(Redman-MacLaren et al 2013). As found in the recent general review of HIV literature 2009-2012 in PNG conducted by THS for the PNG National AIDS Council Secretariat, the literature on women and HIV is predominantly descriptive original research. The literature is largely focussed on women who sell sex, women as mothers or young women. Women are usually portrayed as either victims of HIV or responsible for transmission of HIV.

The review highlighted a major lack of operations research and intervention research. More information is needed about women and HIV outside sex workers or pregnancy; relational dynamics between men and women, particularly power balances; masculinity in PNG; and women living with HIV.


Redman-MacLaren ML, Mills J, Tommbe R, MacLaren DJ, Speare R, McBride JH. Women and HIV in a moderate prevalence setting: an integrative review. BMC Public Health 2013;13:552.

Posted by Rick Speare