Atoifi Health Research Group

The Atoifi Health Research Group is a remarkable example of what can be achieved when local researchers are given the opportunity to answer their own questions. Atoifi is a small village in East Kwaio, Malaita Province, Solomon Islands, based around the Atoifi Adventist Hospital and the former Atoifi College of Nursing.

Research training started with training in theory in 2009. This did not lead to many outputs since local health professionals (mainly nurses) who wanted to do research did not gain an undesratnding of how it was done on the ground. From 2011 research capacity was built using a "learn by doing" model. Local researchers refined questions they wished to answer, developed research designs, conducted research, analysed results and published reports and papers.

The research questions are developed by the local health professionals and the community to answer relevant, local issues. The findings can be used to immediately to improve health. The team also is active in telling people what they have learnt, publishing in journals and presenting at conferences and meetings. See the list of publications below.

The research team is led by Humpress Harrington, Head of the Pacific Adventist University College of Nursing, and supported by researchers from James Cook University, Hunter New England NSW Health and Tropical Health Solutions. Training in research started in 2009.

Today the Atoifi Health Research Group is argueably the leading group conducting operational research in teh Solomon islands.

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THS is very privileged to be involved in this activity and in being able to support the group's website.

Journal Publications by the Atoifi Team

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    Posted by Rick Speare
    26 March 2015