Epidemiology 2nd edition - THS Directors' launch their book

Tuesday, 24 November, 2015

Congratulations to Ray and Petra on the launch of Epidemiology 2nd edition. The launch was held in the Cairns Institute on 17 November. Various speeches were given and Ray responded. Statistic Rock acknowledges Petra's influence on encouraging health research.

Statistic Rock is a poem that was to be read at the launch, but was accidentally omitted from the proceedings. This poem was written by Warren Marape to acknowledge the influence Petra had on his love of statistics after he attended a workshop run by Petra in Cairns. She facilitated this workshop for a PNG HIV project involving Pacific Adventist University, Divine Word University and James Cook University. Warren is a development consultant who has recently submitted his Master of Philosophy thesis about development opportunities in Tari, Papua New Guinea.

STATISTIC ROCK by Warren Marape

Talk about statistic.
Wao. Pet the Rock has done a fantastic job
In the MC research
Pet is the rock in statistic.

Learn about statistic.
Ha, ha, ha I’m trying so hard to learn
Come on Elijah, don’t be sarcastic
About how bad I am in statistic
I’m just a pebble in statistic.

Realistically I am happy
That the Rock has filled my mind
About the basic art of playing with statistic
That’s fantastic
The pebbles are on the road to become statistic rocks.

Warren Marape

Epidemiology is available from Oxford University Press.

Photo: Petra Buttner (left) and Ray Muller at the launch of Epidemiology 2nd ed on 17 November at the Cairns Institute, JCU.

Posted by Rick Speare