THS Building Research Capacity

The long term aim of Tropical Health Solutions (THS) research capacity building is for us to become redundant. Hence, THS uses essentially a “teach the teachers” approach with the aim of the participants passing on the knowledge and skills gained.

THS’s approach to building capacity is to be extremely flexible and to use a tailor made delivery, not a “one size fits all” approach. We initially determine what the current skills and knowledge of our clients are, what skills they need and what skills they want to acquire to achieve their goals. So our training is highly specific. The expertise of our facilitators is such that training can be modified to meet the needs of clients.

To design research capacity building strategies we use the research cycle as a basis. THS can offer capacity building in quantitative research as well as qualitative research (see image for quantitative research cycle).

Our ultimate aim is for our clients to understand the steps in doing research competently, to have the skills and experience relevant to all aspects of the research cycle within their chosen sphere of research, and to have the confidence to undertake research.

Building research capacity is best done in groups, cohorts or communities of practice. This allows for peer to peer support as well as expert advice from THS Directors and staff. However, individuals who want one to one mentoring are welcome.

THS can assist in building skills in any form of health research. However, our preference is for applied or operational research to answer questions that make a difference to health in the tropics.

Examples of Research Capacity Building activities:

  • Series of contracted workshops for groups or organizations that move through the research cycle. Content and on-going support can be negotiated
  • Tailored series of workshops on selected aspects of the research cycle, including using relevant academic software [Link to Short Courses page]
  • One on one mentoring in design of a specific research project, literature searching, data analysis, data interpretation, writing scientific papers or reports, and preparing presentations
  • Assistance to individuals or groups with writing research grants [Link to Research Design page]
  • Advice to individuals on improving their academic track records.

If you are interested in using THS’s Research Capacity Building services, please contact us or email