THS SPSS October 2012 Workshop

The Tropical Health Solutions Workshop Using SSPS for Statistical Data Analysis was held at Mater Educational Centre, Townsville on the weekend of 27th and 28th October. The facilitators were Petra Buettner and Monika Buhrer-Skinner. There were 13 paying participants and a freeloader, THS Director, Emeritus Professor Rick Speare. All participants had bachelors degrees, most, but not all, in health, and many with postgraduate degrees or professional qualifications.

The Workshop was evaluated using three (yes 3!) tools:
1) a THS Feedback Form;
2) a SPSS Workshop Evaluation Form; and
3) an One Minute Reflection form (see Appendices).
All participants were asked to complete all three items at the end of the Workshop. The responses were anonymous. Responses were entered into SPSS version 20 for the Feedback Form and into Excel for the SPSS Workshop Evaluation Form. Descriptive statistics only were performed.

Overall Rating of Workshop

One set of data was obtained from written responses to the SPSS Workshop Evaluation Form via a question “How would you rate this workshop – out of 10 (please circle)”. A similar question was asked in the Feedback Form: “Overall rating of the course?” with answer options as four categories. Twelve participants responded (response rate = 12/14 = 85.7%) to the rating out of 10 and 13 to the categorical rating.

Results: Rating out of 10 (mean±sd, range) was 8.18±0.75 (8-10). For the categorical rating, “good’ = 38.5% and “excellent” = 61.5% (Table 1).

Comment: The Workshop overall was rated highly using both tools.

Recommend Course to Others

The answers to the question “Would you recommend this course to others?” were “good” = 28.6% and “excellent” = 71.5%.

Comment: The scaling of the question “Would you recommend this course to others?” is unusual as it is really a question that begs a yes/no answer. However, since all responses were in the top half of the ordinal categorical scale, overall response is a unanimous “Yes”.

The overall evaluation by participants was that the THS SPSS Workshop was of high quality and valued.

The complete report evaluating this workshop contains additional details and can be downloaded here.

Posted by Rick Speare