Workshop in Diagnostic Medical Parasitology: Gambia October 2012

THS Director, Rick Speare, recently assisted in a workshop in diagnostic medical parasitology in The Gambia (15-17 October 2012). This was for staff and postgraduate students of the Medical Research Council Gambia (MRC) as well as laboratory scientists and technicians from local hospitals. The workshop was organised by Dr Richard Bradbury of the MRC with input from THS. The focus of the workshop was on intestinal parasites, predominantly helminths and protozoa. Ectoparasites were also dealt with. The workshop received accreditation from the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine.

A THS Workshop in Diagnostic Medical Parasitology will update participants on diagnosis of intestinal and other parasites, ensure that they understand the life cycles and natural histories, highlight important clinical effects (Fig 1), and discuss latest treatments.

Figure 1. Slide from lecture on strongyloidiasis highlighting the clinical distinctions between cutaneous larval migrans (due to cat hookworm) and larva currens, a pathognomonic clinical sign of strongyloidiasis.

Practical classes ensure that the participants are familiar with how to do a range of basic diagnostic tests (Fig. 2), the morphological features of the parasites and which diagnostic techniques have the greatest sensitivity and specificity.

Figure 2: Dr Richard Bradbury demonstrating preparation of faecal smears after salt floatation at MRC labaoratories, Gambia.

Do your staff need updating in diagnostic medical parasitology? THS can offer you a workshop designed to meet your needs. This can be run at your workplace or any suitable venue of your choice. The workshop can be badged as your own organisation’s event (facilitated by THS) or as a dual event.

If your organisation has a number of staff that need training or updating in medical diagnostic parasitology, an onsite THS workshop will enable more people to be trained at a cheaper cost than paying for them to attend an offsite course. The unit cost per person upskilled will be much lower.

Please contact Rick Speare if you are interested in an onsite Workshop in Medical Diagnostic Parasitology. These workshops can be tailored to meet your needs.

Rick Speare –

30 October 2102