President Obama on Ebola: "We cannot build a moat around our countries and we shouldn’t try".

Monday, 17 November, 2014

In a masterful speech at the University of Queensland on 15 November, President Barack Obama spoke about the need for basic public health systems to control epidemics like Ebola. "What we have learned from the Ebola outbreak, is that in this globalised world, where the Pacific is like a lake, if countries are so poor that they can’t afford basic public health infrastructure, that threatens our health. We cannot build a moat around our countries and we shouldn’t try. What we should be doing is making sure everybody has some basic public health systems that allow for early warning when outbreaks of infectious disease may occur. That’s not just out of charity; it is in our self interest. .... We do that because we recognise that we are linked. And if some child is stricken with a curable disease on the other side of the world at some point that could have an impact on our child.”

Listen and see the complete speech on You Tube

The comments on Ebola begin at 35.2 mins. A committment to work on climate change is given at 24.5 mins.

President Obama emphasised that USA will become more involved in the Pacific.

Posted Rick Speare