Evaluation of the Filipino Ebola training workshop for hospital preparedness: good outcome!

Tuesday, 27 January, 2015

The Ebola workshop to train hospital staff for Ebola preparedness was developed and implemented by the Philippine Department of Health late last year. The Philippine WHO country office assisted with consultants from Johns Hopkins Hospital, Tropical Health Solutions and privately. A paper just published today in the Western Pacific Surveillance and Response Journal describes the structure of the workshop and its evaluation. Knowldege about managment of Ebola improved significantly as did participants' confidence to deal with an Ebola case.

Each country has an obligation to prepare for Ebola under the International Health Regulations. The West African Ebola outbreak was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by the World Health Organization on 8 August 2014. Philippines by conducting this training was helping to meet its responsibilities.

The training materials are available in PDF at http://www.wpro.who.int/philippines/mediacentre/features/ebolatraining_m.... The original documents (Word and Powerpoint format) are available at the THS site at http://www.tropicalhealthsolutions.com/Ebolapreparedness. Others, who are designing Ebola preparedness workshops for hospital staff in countries without Ebola, are invited to use these files to modify for their own purposes.

Carlos C et al. Hospital preparedness for Ebola virus disease: a training course in the Philippines. Western Pacific Surveillance and Response Journal, 2015, 6(1). doi:10.5365/wpsar.2014.5.4.008

Posted by Rick Speare