2012 Australian Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference

Monday, 16 July, 2012

THS Director, Rick Speare, gave the opening address at the Australian Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference being held in Townsville 16-20 July. The lecture was titled Adventures in wildlife disease research: from benign curiosities to global epidemics.

In this talk Rick discussed an eclectic range of conditions in Australian wildlife that he had investigated over 34 years of research: from strange parasites and diseases in macropods and possums to globally significant work on diseases causing epidemics in wild amphibians. He also highlighted the important role wildlife carers can play in unraveling the mysteries of wildlife diseases. This not only improves the outcomes of rehabilitation of individual animals, but can add significantly to conservation of wildlife. Wildlife carers are the eyes of the wildlife disease surveillance system.

For a researcher interested in new diseases wildlife is the last frontier. The vast and varied Australian fauna gives immense possibilities for pathogens to call our wildlife home. Amazing micro-organisms and diseases still await discovery!

Download the powerpoint presentation.

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