Post that pee! Detecting chlamydia by mail.

Monday, 19 November, 2012
QH Chlamydia poster - pee it, pack it, post it!

In a paper just published in Sexual Health Monika Buhrer-Skinner with several coauthors, including Tropical Health Solutions' Directors (Ray Muller and Petra Buttner), tested the acceptability of a self-collection kit for chlamydia. The kit involves clients putting urine into a powder which then forms a solid gel able to be posted to diagnostic laboratories by mail. The study matched chlamydia result with risk factors collected by questionnaire. 9% were positive for chlamydia. 77% of participants reported that they would not have sought testing using standard means.

Mailing a specimen of urine (as a gel) for chlamydia testing accessed a segment of the population that had mostly not been tested previously. People from rural and remote locations were able to be tested.

Details on obtaining a kit are available at

Buhrer-Skinner M, Muller R, Buettner PG, Gordon R, Debattista J. Reducing barriers to testing for Chlamydia trachomatis by mailed self-collected samples. Sexual Health. Published online 19 November 2012. Please contact principal author for preprint.

Posted by Rick Speare