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The directors have extensive experience in publishing scientific papers, book chapters and books. They also have experience and expertise in reviewing manuscripts and even acting as journal editors.

THS Publications

  • Basic Statistics and Analysis Course at the Pacific Adventist University in Papua New Guinea
  • Tropical Health Solutions just conducted another very successful course on basic statistics and analysis using SPSS at the Pacific Adventist University in Papua New Guinea . The course was specifically designed for staff and postgraduate students from across the university involved in research projects with the main focus on strengthening research capacity - one of THS's hallmarks!

    Download the full report of this course - together with enthusiatic participant feedback.

  • Systematic Literature Review of HIV / AIDS Research in Papua New Guinea 2009-2012
  • THS was commissioned by the Papua New Guinea National AIDS Council Secretariat (NACS) to undertake a systematic literature review of the research on HIV/ AIDS in PNG published during 2009-2011. This report is available here.

  • Report on PNG National AIDS Council Secretariat Data Analysis Short Course (Feb 2012)
  • THS ran a two week short course in Port Moresby for NACS. We taught a group of 19 PNG HIV/AIDS researchers how to analyse both quantitative and qualitative data. The course was highly successful.

    Some comments from participants:
    “You guys are down to our level. I now appreciate statistics and I’m loving it. I’ve never used statistics but I definitely will this time./ Thanks”.

    “I was introduced to SPSS before in a university in Australia but it was so difficult… today’s session was great, very down to earth, simple and basic.”

    “I was worried it would be very hard. Your explanation was great very easy to follow and I was surprised that I could actually apply all the techniques that I do manually into NVivo within an hour. You are excellent presenters. Thank you.”

    “I’m convinced that qualitative research has systematic and organised way of dealing with research”
    “Excellent class/presentations. Very clear, well explained concepts”

    Download a copy of the report NACS Short Course on HIV Research Data Analysis and Interpretation

  • Report on the Evaluation of the THS SPSS Workshop October 2012

    Download the evaluation report based on participant responses for THS's October 2012 Workshop on Using SPSS for Statistical Analyses.

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