Dr Reinhold (Ray) Muller

MInf MSc(hons) PhD

Reinhold (Ray) Muller is an applied epidemiologist and biostatistician specialised in quantitative research methods in the health sciences.

Reinhold has more than 20 years of experience in national and international often cross-disciplinary consultations and collaborations with health researchers in both developed (incl. many European countries, Australia, USA, Canada) and developing countries (incl. PNG, Solomon Islands, India, different African Nations). He is also very familiar with working in remote areas and with indigenous peoples in a culturally appropriate way.

Reinhold has an extensive international teaching portfolio (Canada, Germany, Australia, PNG) covering more than two decades of teaching quantitative research methodology including quantitative epidemiology (especially communicable diseases, and development, implementation, conduct and publication of observational and experimental studies), applied biostatistics (especially interpretation of effect measures in statistics and CART) and a variety of software packages (including SPSS, Stata, EpiInfo etc.).

Reinhold has been chief investigator of a wide range of international and national competitive and industrial grants totalling more than $6 million (including several recent NHMRC grants).

His publication record encompasses more than 200 peer-reviewed scientific publications, several book chapters and three textbooks. His international reputation in quantitative research methodology is especially highlighted by the invitation of high-ranked scientific journals for reviews and by Oxford University Press to write an epidemiology textbook („Epidemiology“ ISBN 9780195573893 OUP, 2011).

Together with international and national collaborators and (PhD and other) students, he is currently conducting several major research projects mainly in STI’s (Australia, Solomon Islands) and cardiology (Europe, USA).



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